RFK Polls-Better Than Biden-Trump


What a difference two months makes! I published my first article, regarding RFK Jr and the 2024 presidential election, in September.  By then, RFK was ahead in the polls compared to President Joe Biden and Former President Donal Trump. Now, RFK polls-better than Biden-Trump again in November. However, now he is running as an “independent” not as a Democratic Party candidate.


In September, it was a two party race. In November, it is a three candidate race. This is the sixth candidate that has challenged an incumbent president in US history since 1912.

Theodore Rosevelt, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Ross Perot, and Ralph Nader were the first five. Jackson and Kennedy gave a fight inside their Democratic Party and lost.

Rosevelt and Perot challenged their incumbent Republican Party presidents as an Independent. They came up short becoming president but they also cost their party. Republicans lost White House to Democrats.

Nader ddi the same to the Democrats. According to some, Democratic Party presidential candidate Al Gore lost the election when Nader ran as a Reform Party candidate. Gore lost the election by 517 votes. Nader took more than 300 thousand votes.

RFK Polls-Better Than Biden-Trump

Now that RFK Jr polls better than Biden & Trump, the truth is out. Apparently, his uncle Ted Kennedy and Jesse Jackson were right. RFK Jr was smart enough to see their mistake and walked away from the Democratic Party before it was too late.

Both Kennedy and Jackson complained about Democratic Party after they lost their bid for the candidacy. RFK Jr complained about the untenable behavior of the Democratic Party in the upcoming New Hampshire primary in February 2023.

RFK Polled Better as a Democrat

RFK Jr was polling better than Joe Biden and Donald Trump when he was in the Democratic Party in the Summer of 2023.

RFK Polls Equally Well as an Independent

Nothing has changed for RFK Jr when he “declared Indepdence”. He now continues to poll better than Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

RFK Polls-Better Than Biden-Trump

Erbil Gunasti by Daily Mail

Daily Mail published an article by me, Erbil Gunasti, reflecting how RFK Jr polls better than Biden & Trump come November 2023.

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