Join us on June 3rd for an evening of Glamour and Giving as we champion a very important cause! Your presence will help to shine a light on the importance of advocacy, research, and support for individuals and families affected by Autism.

Be inspired by the experts, change-makers, and tireless advocates who are champions in their respective fields.

The evening begins with cocktails on the terrace overlooking the beautiful California Desert, followed by a fabulous dinner, stellar live performances, live + silent auctions and inspiration from Gamechangers in the Autism community.


Gamechanger Events is dedicated to addressing critical health and wellness challenges affecting our communities today. With a commitment to making a tangible difference, our focus is on supporting crucial areas such as Autism, Mental Health, and the Opioid Crisis in our local communities.

We work in collaboration with foundations, charitable organizations, top healthcare professionals and community leaders to form a powerful alliance. Our goal is to harness the collective expertise and dedication of these partnerships at both the national and local levels, fostering a network of support and action.

By empowering these on-the-ground partners, we ensure that every dollar raised directly benefits the communities we serve, driving positive change and building a foundation for sustained action and support.

Gamechanger Events was created to serve as a dynamic force for positive change. Each event in our series is carefully crafted to raise awareness and support tangible solutions, bringing together community members, experts, and resources to address these vital issues head-on.

Join us in our mission to transform challenges into opportunities for health and healing in our communities. Together, we can create lasting impact and improve lives.

With Your Donation, Hope Never Dies!

Join us as we work to realize real, impactful progress. Your contribution is an investment in a future where every American can thrive. Support us today to build a stronger, more united America for tomorrow.

Important Issues

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

1 in 36 children in 2023, an increase from 1 in 44 children two years ago

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Mental Health

About 20% of adults are experiencing a mental illness, meaning over 50 million Americans

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110K + death per year, w/ steady increase

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Vitally important for people but they must also be well-tested

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