GameChanger: Trump The 47th

Trump the 45th president of the United States of America was GameChanger: Trump the 47th will be no less. When the track records of the 45th and the 46th presidents of the US are compared, no one with “common sense” would disagree. In fact, when the 45th is compared with the 44th, 43rd, and 42nd are compared a similar conclusion become apparent. It is not a surprise because there is not much difference between the Three Stooges and Joe Biden, the 46th.

GameChanger: Trump The 47th

Donald J. Trump has been a game changer president for the United States of America. He has also been a game changer statesman in the international arena. His record shows from his support to the Opioids Crisis at home to his dealing with foreign leaders.

Opioids Crisis

I did not know what the word “opioid” meant until Donald Trump kept talking about it on the campaign trail. Ever since Joe Biden came to power, I have not heard him talking on one specific health care problem America is facing today. For example, as a result, I created a superPAC, just to highlight autism spectrum disorder and Mental Health, alongside the Opioid Crisis. The goal is to raise funds and advertise so that presidential candidates and elected officials put them in their agenda as priority. In that regard, the work will be less when GameChanger Trump the 47th becomes the next president.


Donald Trump learned how to deal with the leaders of sovereign countries. Unfortunately, Globalist US presidents like Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden did not have such a worry. The sovereignty of other countries never mattered for them. They not only sought to interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries but if they faced resistance, they did not refrain from declaring war against them. The tally is long. Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Israel became war zones when Globalist presidents came to the Oval Office.

GameChanger: Trump The 47th

I authored “GameChanger Trump Card: Türkiye & Erdogan”, published in the US and Australia. I put Trump and Erdogan on the cover, making the point that they have to collaborate. They did. Unfortunately, 6 January 2021 stopped it. Nothing happened to Türkiye and Erdogan ever since. In fact, they both prospered. Unfortunately for the US and Trump the same cannot be repeated. Here is a succinct summary, explaining what transpired around the world in the absence of Donald Trump in the past four years.

Briefly, what the US lost in the past four years when Joe Biden was the 46th president is immeasurable. However, that is another story for another time. At this time, the task must remain how to ensure to bring back the GameChanger: Trump the 47th to power so that he can continue where he left off on 6 January 2021. He will surely start with the leaders of the rising powers of the East. He will also surely give hope to the victims of autism, mental health, and Opioid crisis.