Daily Mail: No Biden-Trump Rematch

My first article on Bobby Kennedy Jr, summarily said: No Biden-Trump Rematch: Daily Mail of London published it.

ERBIL GUNASTI: American voters may not want a Biden V Trump rematch. But it could be exactly what they get as the President’s approval rating dips.

“Already 80, Biden would be aged 82, were he by some miracle to win in November 2024. He would be the oldest president ever to sit in the Oval Office. It is a point not lost on the voters. Never less than doddery, Biden’s mental acuity is under serious question. The Democrats don’t much want him. The public at large certainly doesn’t want him.

It’s true that 77-year-old Trump, is no spring chicken. And that, like Biden, he lacks appeal beyond his hard-core support.

I’m not the first to point to the grim irony that the one contest the American voters don’t want, Biden v Trump, is the one they’re likely to get.

But for the Democrats, the salient point is this: Biden, with all that TV coverage at his command, is running no more than equal with Trump and is possibly behind. Trump has barely cleared his throat so far. And Trump is good – very good – at campaigning.

It’s all the more intriguing, then, that another Democrat has thrown his hat into the ring, another Irish-American as it happens.

Bobby Kennedy Junior, son of assassinated Attorney General Robert F Kennedy and nephew of former President JFK has announced he entering the race to be the 47th President.”

No Biden-Trump Rematch: Daily Mail

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